The Sterling Group – US

6219 Hackamore Circle
Corcoran, MN 55340

Minneapolis, MN


Recruiters’ Name(s) David Silver, Bonnie Hagel, Birgit Kamps


We cause people and organizations to thrive by providing talent and opportunities in an effective, timely and empowering manner.

The talent we place drives sustainable growth, revenue and profit. This talent is the engine of entrepreneurial growth for our clients’ businesses.

An in-depth statistical analysis by a Fortune 75 client ranked our firm #1 – their most effective search firm out of 200 of the country’s best recruiting firms. In that same analysis, we were also ranked as the #1 company in customer satisfaction.

Our focus is on building high performance businesses. Each of our recruiters has a track record of 20+ years of recruiting experience. They add value to your search process, your career development, and your team.

To our clients: we promise to provide leaders that drive your growth.

To our candidates: we promise access to career opportunities that you are passionate about.

Not only do we produce results; we leave our clients invigorated, impassioned and better able to fulfill their missions.

The Sterling Group: providing talent that creates and seizes opportunity.