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Nancy Dolan-Brady


As President of NDB Associates, Inc., I am a problem-solver with a creative soul and roots in business and marketing. NDB Associates Inc. solves business problems– We fill opportunities with talent vs. filling jobs with resumes; we believe our candidates are more than a piece of paper.

We have been featured on London’s BBC Global Radio Broadcast of “World News Tonight” sourced / quoted in “The Wall Street Journal”, the focus of a feature article in the global edition of “Carnegie Mellon Magazine” and the subject in regional news, TV and business print articles.

Our work includes all levels and disciplines in the Marketing and Marketing Communications category; from Product and Brand Management, Executive and Account Management, Planning and Innovation, Tiers 1-3, CRM, PR and Experiential Marketing, Traditional to Digital- Social – Emerging Communications and Creative talent.

See our website for numerous Client and Candidate testimonials.